Virtual Personal Safety & Self Defence Workshop plus Travel Safety

The Personal Safety & Self Defence workshop will combine theory and physical practice leaving students with a greater sense of awareness and critical thinking skills under pressure as well as an opportunity to learn simple techniques of self-defence that are useful in real world scenarios.

The Travel Safety component prepares students for being independent, whether it is settling into a new university or going on a Gap Year or holiday. We guide students through scenario planning and provide practical resources and checklists to assist. Travel safety involves specific knowledge and planning for the location that you are travelling to including damage limitation and contingency planning.

Course Information

Duration: 2 sessions x 60-90 Minutes

Number of students per session: 10

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Introduce Reality Based Self Defence Program
Explain how Personal Safety & Self Defence link
Assess whether a crime is imminent
Understanding the Harsh Reality

Prepare school leavers to safely live, work and travel independently
Understand the planning related to travel safety
Provide guidance and resources to mitigate risk
Explore personal safety strategies, concepts, and tactics

Distance (how to create and maintain distance)
Engage (self defence techniques)
Floor (floor defence)
Ongoing (verbal commands)
Finish (ways for an attack to end)

Testing Under Pressure

Scenario planning to foresee the potential risks and mitigation strategies

Price: 500.00 euros excluding vat/btw

50 euro discount per additional workshop.

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