Safeguarding that's future proof (critical life skills every student will benefit from)

Empower students inner confidence, resilience and critical thinking skills

Personal safety and self-defence workshops aren’t a requirement in schools and colleges, but does that mean they shouldn’t be?

Take the lead to show parents and the community your school/college goes above and beyond when it comes to student safety. Equip your students with practical and theoretical skills that could one day save their life (or of those around them) and help build safer communities.

Together let’s protect students for the future!

Did you know that 8 out of 10 students in the UK say they don't feel safe outside of school?

Together we can change this statistic

Young people’s safety is a global topic right now. While schools currently have programmes and policies in place to help protect students within school grounds, what happens when they leave to go home or visit friends and family?

Promoting and implementing student personal safety education programs (like Soar With Us workshops) as part of your PSHE and personal development programs are proving to have a positive impact on the community. 

Join schools and colleges across the UK, creating awareness, educating and upskilling young people today, so that we can create safer communities for tomorrow. 

"Very, very interactive and super enjoyable. I loved the way they taught the lesson. They had real life scenarios shown to us and we saw and learnt what to do and later on how to do it. The teacher of our group made it very interactive so we can get a better idea of the situation and see what our instincts would be and what it should be."

Three women (mothers) trying to make a difference

No matter your age, gender, size, height or strength, everyone at some point in life has experienced a situation that made them feel uncomfortable and even vulnerable. We can’t prevent these situtations from happening but we can equip people to confidently take safe, appropriate actions to protect themselves and those around them.

Here at Soar With Us we believe everyone deserves the right to feel safe and we’re taking an active role to help prevent or minimize the impact, so every individual can thrive and flourish within today’s society. Together let’s empower young people, rather than disempowering them with ‘don’t go out at night’ messaging.

Why? We’re three ordinary women and mothers; Libby, Shelly and Silpa, who have all experienced assault and its effects first and second-hand. We’re passionate about affecting real change.

Our school & college workshops

Where every student discovers their inner confidence (even the quiet ones)

Safety, professionalism and sensitivity are crucial which is why our team of experienced trainers come out to you and tailor each and ever workshop to ensure it is relevant and reflects your student’s needs. We carry out full health and safety checks before attending.

We use a combination of theory, practical defence techniques, role play and discussions throughout our personal safety and self-defence workshops. In our classes, students experience realistic situations to help better prepare for potential risks, and more importantly, how to avoid those risks and escape safely.

Theoretical knowledge
Practical knowledge

"This course helped me to know that there are options if a situation occurred"

""I really enjoyed the course and I think it will be very useful when travelling, you brought up points I had not previously thought of. Thank you!"

"The three ladies were so friendly but also strong and inspiring for a younger girl to watch!! LOVED IT!!!"

Download a free copy and share with your students

The streetwise guide for personal safety (that every student will benefit from)

An easy way for your school/college to start promoting and empowering students to take ownership of their own personal safety. Our FREE easy-to-follow personal safety handbook shares top tips that help your students become more street savvy and feel confident when they’re exploring their independence outside of school grounds.

Directly send a digital copy or print the pack for your students. Or why not utilise the information to create a personal safety lesson for PSHE or assembly?

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Teach our content to your students directly

Upskill your teachers to become a part of the Soar With Us movement

Want to integrate personal safety and self defence at the heart of your school?

Your teachers could lead the charge in making a change at your school and in your community by becoming a certified instructor and teach the Professional Personal Safety and Self-Defence Award for Schools and Young People. Invest in your teachers and put the power of change in their hands.

Once qualified each teacher receives a branded uniform and boxing gloves!

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