A world in which all people live in safety, thriving as individuals and communities.


We provide training in reality-based personal safety and self defence to prevent or minimize the impact of violence (physical, psychological, and emotional ) against a person so every individual can thrive and flourish.

Our Approach

Our approach to flourishing combines Personal Safety & Self Defence, Positive Psychology and the Unique Soar With Us experience.

From the platform of Personal Safety & Self Defence we equip individuals to operate from a place of mental, physical, and emotional safety and wellbeing.  Our practical application of Positive Psychology theories draws upon individuals character strengths, resilience and positive emotions.  Our unique Soar With Us Experience promotes agency, inspiration and impact. 

Through innovative and experiential reality based Personal Safety & Self Defence we ignite courage and confidence to support our intrinsic human right for safety and security. We move beyond theory into practical experiences of empowerment that provide the building block to help us rise and thrive as individuals, teams, organisations and communities.

We are passionate about seeing people thrive and to this end we offer a number of pathways and courses tailored to Schools and Universities, Organisations, Not for Profits and Adults & Teens.

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