Soar With Us CIC is a community focused organisation that aims to bring about positive change towards building a more equal, fairer and safer world where women and girls can live free from violence and fear


Our purpose is to prevent or minimise the impact of violence against women and girls so every individual can thrive and flourish.

Our Approach

Our Reality Based Personal Safety and Self Defence training equips individuals with knowledge, skills and techniques which can be used to prevent or minimise the impact of violence. We provide a combination of physical training and theoretical knowledge that enables individuals to strategise and respond accordingly depending on the situation. Our training is inclusive, empathetic and educational and addresses self-exclusion, lack of confidence and fear. Additionally to equipping individuals with these potentially life saving skills, our training contributes to community building and fosters hope and positivity.

Our Impact

We have proven change is possible through our unique approach which educates and empowers individuals in as little as 2 hours.

To date we have trained over 1000 people including a cadre of instructors. On arrival participants share their feelings about attending the course. They often report feeling ‘tired, anxious, nervous’, on completion participants leave feeling, ‘informed, prepared, confident, strengthened, empowered, secure’.

The impact we make is real and lasting.
In 2 hours, all participants gain the mental and physical abilities to identify, avoid and or deal with harassment or attack. Rather than the disempowering, ‘don’t go out at night’ messaging – we are empowering people to live fuller lives, less constrained by the fear of violence. Furthermore, men and boys understand how they can adapt their behaviour and become allies for women and girls.

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