Strength Training

What is Strength Training?

Strength training is an important part of an overall fitness program. Strength training is physical exercise that causes your muscles to contract against an external resistance. It can increase your strength, tone, mass, and/or endurance.

Strength Training Tools

Strength training can be done with no equipment. Examples of exercises that use just your body weight for resistance are:
– Lunges;
– Push-ups;
– Abdominal crunches; and
– Squats.

Free weights are also classic strength training tools. Free weights include:
– Dumbbells;
– Kettlebells; and
– Barbells.

How The Strength Training Classes Work

It is our job to ensure that you train properly and progressively, with the right exercises and at the right intensity.

Click here to see some sample workouts. We begin each class by asking if anyone has any injuries so that we can make appropriate modifications. We then describe and demonstrate the exercises we will do.

We warm up to a song before beginning our full-body strength workout. As you get stronger, we are able to make the workouts harder; so, for example, a squat may become a squat and shoulder press, and a forward lunge may become a forward lunge with a bicep curl.

We always save the core exercises until the end of the workout, so that we are fully warmed up and less likely to injure ourselves. We work on deep core muscles, as well as on our central and side abdominals.

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