Free webinar: Safeguarding in schools & colleges that’s future proof

Join the UK discussion as the professionals explain how personal safety and self defence workshops can help to protect young people in your community now and in the future

Whether you are looking to implement these programs at your school/college or just curious, join our experts, teachers and SLTs across the UK as we open the discussion.

Join us online – Wednesday 26th April, 16:00 – 16:25 pm

What will we be covering?

This is not going to be your stereotypical webinar…

Our experts will not only be sharing their industry knowledge but we’ll also be providing some live practical demonstrations. 

During the 25 minute session, we’ll cover:

Why should you join?

Did you know that 8 out of 10 students in the UK say they don't feel safe outside of school?

We know personal safety and self-defence workshops aren’t a requirement in schools, but does that mean they shouldn’t be? 

Young people’s safety is a global topic right now. While schools and colleges currently have programmes and policies in place to help protect students within school grounds, what happens when they leave to go home or visit friends and family?

Promoting and implementing practical student personal safety education programs that empower students are having an impact. 

Join us as we open the floor to schools/colleges like yours to join the discussion and share your thoughts and experiences, so that together we can help make the world a safer place for young people today.

Join the free webinar: Safeguarding in schools & colleges that’s future proof

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