Professional Certification

Professional Personal Safety and Self-Defence Certification for Schools and Young People

A Personal Safety and Self-Defence course, offered through Soar With Us, designed to fully certify you to teach the Combat Academy reality-based programme to young people. You will be equipped and qualified to teach your own Personal Safety & Self-Defence modules in your own classes after successful completion of this course. You will also acquire a specialized set of physical self-defence techniques as part of your training. 

The certification enables you to:

  • Have a broad-based knowledge of the subject of self-defence . 
  • To define and understand the difference between self-defence and personal safety
  • To understand the physical processes and stages that occur in a violent attack. 
  • To understand how to run a personal safety & self-defence class using academic models and processes
  • To understand the motivations and reasons why someone would like to learn self-defence.
  • To run a class safely and compliantly to cater for all demographics and abilities and understand specialised needs where they may occur. 

Price: Euros 1200.00

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