Safeguarding that's future proof (critical life skills every student will benefit from)

Stop treating student safety as just something that matters within the school or college grounds. Start empowering your students with critical personal safety and self-defence skills that will protect them for the future

Personal safety and self-defence workshops aren’t a requirement in schools, but does that mean they shouldn’t be?

Take the lead and show parents and the community your school goes above and beyond when it comes to student safety. Equip students with the practical theoretical and physical skills that could one day save their life (or of those around them).

Did you know that 8 out of 10 students in the UK say they don't feel safe outside of school?

Young people’s safety is a global topic right now. While schools currently have programmes and policies in place to help protect students within school grounds, what happens when they leave to go home or visit friends and family?

Promoting and implementing student personal safety education programs like our Soar With Us school workshops are proving to have a positive impact within the community. 

"Very, very interactive and super enjoyable. I loved the way they taught the lesson. They had real life scenarios shown to us and we saw and learnt what to do and later on how to do it. The teacher of our group made it very interactive so we can get a better idea of the situation and see what our instincts would be and what it should be."

"The three ladies were so friendly but also strong and inspiring for a younger girl to watch!! LOVED IT!!!"

"I like how it simulates the pressure of a real situation. The coaches were very clear about what they were going to do, I felt safe"

"I really enjoyed the course and I think it will be very useful when travelling, you brought up points I had not previously thought of. Thank you!"

Practical workshops that empower students to take ownership of their own personal safety

No matter your teenager’s gender, size, height or strength, everyone deserves the right to feel safe, whether they’re travelling to or from school or exploring their independence.

Together let’s help make the world a safer place for young people.

In our workshops we use a combination of theory, practical defence techniques, role play and open discussions where they’ll…

Pratical life skills that could make the difference to a students future

The perfect addition to any PSHE lesson or even integrate it into your PE class

Here at Soar With Us we’re taking an active role to ensure student safety goes beyond the school walls. 

We’re three ordinary women and mothers who want to help make the world a safer place for everyone through empowerment.

Our workshops help students to discover their own inner confidence, equip them with the skills to think critically in stressful situations, and gain a better awareness of their own strengths and how to use those to their advantage.

We use a combination of theory, practical defence techniques, role play and discussions throughout our personal safety and self-defence workshops. In our classes, students experience realistic situations to help better prepare for potential risks, and more importantly, how to avoid those risks and escape safely.

"I learned that even if you are much smaller and weaker than the attacker, you can still defend yourself and stand a chance of escape."

"This course helped me to know that there are options if a situation occurred"

"I loved how it got us up on our feet and adapted to us individually."

"I personally found it really helpful because of recent events."

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