Pelvic floor Awareness

The number of people suffering with issues in regards to the pelvic floor is increasing.  It is an area taken for granted to function at its optimum and yet we give it little consideration until it starts to show signs of weakness.

You only have to see adverts on tv to realise the ratio to sell bladder pants /protection is higher than the encouragement to practice pelvic floor health.  Many women do not have an understanding or awareness of this area and when issues arise they may suffer in silence.  In addition they may not know how to perform pelvic floor exercises or practice technique incorrectly.  Also lifestyle patterns play a large part in creating weakness in this area.  

The Pelvic Floor Awareness Course is a 4 week programme aimed to raise awareness of pelvic floor health.  This course is for you if you recognise yourself in any of the below statements.  Do you have any or multiple of the following?

  • Whoops moments if you sneeze, exercise or laugh
  • Whoops moments if you are in a hurry to use the toilet
  • Have increased frequency in trips to the loo
  • Feeling a heaviness, or bulge in the vagina during or after activity
  • Trouble keeping a tampon in
  • Problems controlling wind and bowel

This course brings to the fore all these topics which are not talked about in the open.  We offer a safe space to ask questions and gain insight into how these issues can be managed.  You don’t have to suffer in silence and there are often simple interventions that can make life much easier.  

Contact us for dates for the next course.

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