Our Story

Our Story

We knew each other through the Wassenaar expat community we had become a part of when our husband’s work took us to the Netherlands.  We saw each other sometimes to workout, to walk or run the dogs or when we dropped and picked up our daughters who were in the same grade.

‘Soar with Us’ was a surprise.  We never saw it coming.

Our joint story started when we all said “Yes’ to the opportunity to do a Self Defense Instructor Qualification in the UK.  We can tell you our own individual stories of how we each got to this point when we meet face to face- but for some amazing co-incidence we were all ready, courageous enough and perhaps just a little mad enough to fly to the UK for an intensive course – about which we knew very little.

With some trepidation and a little giddiness, two Brits, an American and a Norwegian knocked politely on the door of the training facility only to be greeted by the biggest and most intimidating person we had ever seen.  In that moment we all thought the same ‘Oh S**T – what have we signed up for?’

As it turned out the big burly bloke was actually a gentle giant who has since become a friend and business partner.  We all passed our Self Defense Instructor Qualification with flying colours and most importantly we learned a whole lot about each other and ourselves.

We saw in each other wonderous strengths, talents and determination.  We learned together, we laughed together, we cried together and each morning strategized on where we would eat together! (The highlight of our day that kept us all going)

The intensity of the training stripped away any of our own artifice, we were being ourselves, we realised we loved discovering for ourselves that we could do something pretty challenging and we thrived from the fact we were doing it together.  We were proud of each other and ourselves.  We had made a bold decision – made a bold move and were having a ball!

We saw possibilities in each other and somehow therefore in ourselves as well.  We shared our fears and prised out of each other our hopes and dreams.  

So, the dinner conversations and quiet time ruminations led us to ponder – ‘How can we replicate this? How can we spread this positivity? How can we contribute to a thriving community?’. What was the recipe to flourish?

We had a vision:

Be yourself, move forward, rise together

Be – Move – Rise

And thus ‘Soar With Us’ was formed – with our mission:

We welcome you to discover your strengths and realise possibility in a supportive and thriving community, through a variety of trainings, courses and events – led by women for women.

We specialize in personal safety & self defense, fitness, health & wellbeing and adventure.  

It was a bizarre chain of events – both natural and supernatural – that brought us together and we are continuously amazed at how the path unfolds before us.  

Looking back, the seeds of our venture were sewn long ago in our joint values.  By chance we were all in Wassenaar at the same moment and a time will come that we each leave Wassenaar – indeed one of us has already relocated to Dubai.  We see this as a personal loss but also an opportunity to take this idea global.  To be part of a global network of thriving women. 

We would genuinely love to meet you, to hear your stories and rise together.

Please feel free to contact us  – we would love to hear from you.

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