Eat Well Course

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The idea behind this 4-week course is to provide practical help and support to people wishing to ‘eat well.’ Each week we spend 20-30 minutes discussing a food related topic and then the rest of time discussing and eating foods we cook from recipes we provide the previous week.

All the recipes we choose are healthy… this means they are packed full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibre… and the vast majority happen to be vegetarian. The central idea is to broaden your food choices and for you to experiment with things that perhaps you haven’t cooked with before.  This is not high end – high time investment cooking – just every day meals for a family that you can whip up mid-week.  The focus is on enjoying genuinely tasty foods that are good for you.

Here is a sample of topics we may cover over the 4 weeks:

  • What Eating Well means and looks like
  • Breakfasts
  • Sprouting and Salads with Punch
  • Veggie Classics
  • Pulses
  • Grains
  • Sweet snacks
  • Veggie Proteins
  • Reading a nutritional label

We also end up having conversations about eating to lower cholesterol, managing vegetarianism in the family, how to eat well and lose fat etc etc. There is plenty of time and opportunity to tailor the programme for your needs.

Course Details

March 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th – 11am-1pm

Participants kitchen… we can decide where we go when we know who is on the course

Euros 160 for 4 weeks and the cost of groceries you are asked to bring

Minimum number of participants required: 10

If you would like to sign up then contact us

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