Have you considered offering personal safety and self defence workshops to your employees to help keep your most valued assets safe and secure?

Did you know even feeling safe increases employee morale and performance?

Are you looking for a high impact offering to promote learning, growth, confidence, trust and safety? 

We offer a solution that is something quite unique, surprising and totally uplifting! The knowledge and skills that your employees learn can be used everyday in the office, traveling and at home.  

If you are looking for ways to boost collaboration, connection, innovation, and teaming for you and your employees contact us now for a free consultation! 

More about how our workshops can benefit you and your employees…

Soar With Us uses the medium of Personal Safety & Self Defence to provide people with an experience to be themselves, move forward and rise together.

We formed our business with a heart to empower others in their personal and professional lives. Through our dynamic and experiential programmes, we develop individuals and teams to rethink the way they approach and manage perceived and actual threats and experiences. Whatever your business context, through Personal Safety & Self Defence and Positive Psychology interventions, we provide pathways to safety aiming to educate, equip and empower, building resilience, enhancing performance and increasing wellbeing.

For many people, organisations, and communities our basic human need of safety has been challenged in some way or other, be it emotional, psychological or physical.  We are committed to decreasing the likelihood of attacks happening and / or decreasing the severity of an attack in order that more of us experience safety and more of us have a greater opportunity to thrive.

Final thoughts…

We understand you and your employees might be hesitant to join large corporate events and team building because although covid restrictions have been lifted many have adapted to a new normal and are working in hybrid environments. We also understand the importance of your role in keeping employee morale and engagement elevated and want to help!

This is why we’re now offering smaller workshops for corporate teaming.  Personal safety and well-being is at the heart of our programmes and we create a safe space physically, emotionally and mentally.

“A simple note to say this was a fantastic (and more than likely the most empowering & lifesaving) session I have attended. I will advocate everyone go on this course. Please do all that you can that they can come in again to run the next part of their training. Please do pass on my thanks to whoever recommended they come in. Bravo for thinking outside of the box of normal workshops.”

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