We love boxing and kickboxing!  Most people think it is really good fun – they tell us that the time flies past and they leave wanting more!

Our boxing classes are a good balance between technique, power and getting your heart rate up and sweating !  We always make sure you can perform a move safely -and we don’t insist on perfection – so long as you are safe, having fun and moving – you are getting the benefits.  Of course some people love the technical instruction and we are more than happy to spend time with you perfecting technique – this does take time – and some people would rather just punch than learn specific technique – we are happy to support either – so long as you and your workout buddies are safe!

We use boxing gloves – sometimes we use pads, sometimes we box – glove to glove.  Sometimes we use shin guards if we are doing a lot of leg work.  We have a boxing bag as well incase you just want a quiet corner to beat away your worries!

We provide all the equipment – you just need to bring your waterbottle and some energy!

Boxing is an incredible form of exercise – blending cardio training with resistance training, agility, power and response.  It’s great for the brain too – you do have to focus.  It is something you can really develop and when you are able to start stringing together moves you feel on top of the world.  Highly recommended!

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