Bootcamps are hard work and alot fun – that is if you like working out outside and don’t mind getting a bit dirty in the process!

Our bootcamps are military inspired – with barrels, ropes, barbells, sandbags and other robust outdoorsy equipment.  They generally follow a circuit approach – and each exercise can be modified or swapped for another if necessary.

You can decide how you spend the second half of the bootcamp – we offer this as time to practice your self defense moves (if you have completed one of our self defense courses) or as time to do other exercises we have planned. It could be a core circuit or a boxing workout, some animal inspired moves or a ‘game’… you never know until the day!

If you love the idea of bootcamps, but don’t want to sign up for a fitness membership – we sell bootcamps in blocks of 4 too – check out the prices page for more info.

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